Refresh, renew, and renovate your space with a full room makeover!

There comes a time when our well-loved and well-lived in spaces need a well-deserved makeover from top to bottom! Not every space requires a full overhaul but it is a good way to lighten up a room, dispose of clutter, add stylish pieces, and revive the spirit of a neglected space.

Important and sentimental existing pieces can look inspired when integrated into a new look. Incorporate new colours, key accessories and choose comfortable, classic furniture that will offer style, function and durability for years to come.



Today’s living room has become smaller and more formal, while the family room has become the place for family and friends to gather for entertainment and fun. Designing either of these spaces depend on the role each plays in your daily life.
Whether one room is formal and the other casual, explore all your furniture options and buy the best you can afford. It will be worth the effort in the long run especially while you nap on that extra comfortable sofa!


Your kitchen, the heart of the home, deserves a well-thought-out design.
If there is one room that requires important consideration, it’s definitely the kitchen. The kitchen is the room where we interact most with our environment on multiple levels. It has to allow for food preparation, storage, waste management, cooking, cleaning, and a comfortable place to work.
A kitchen needs to be designed as a custom space, outfitted especially to suit your needs.

Dining Room

The dining room is a luxury room in today’s homes. Although not as common as they once were, this room is where family and friends come together, to celebrate and enjoy company a scrumptious fare.
No matter how big the room, comfort needs to be carefully considered for those evening when you wish to linger around the table for hours with family. Keep this room simple and focused… it will help your digestion!


Make room for rest and relaxation.
Meant to be a private, serene area of the house, our bedrooms often become busy, restless environments where clutter accumulates over time. It’s often the last room in the house to get your attention.
The lack of proper lighting, appropriate furniture and sufficient storage space can make the bedroom feel crowded and uncomfortable. Exactly what you don’t want in a bedroom.


Speaking of form and function… updating a bathroom is worth the investment.
Bathrooms are one of most expensive rooms per square foot to renovate so designing and renovating this space takes time to do it right, but it’s worth the investment.
Today, there are many materials, finishes and innovations for bathroom fixtures from toilets to where and how to store the shampoo bottles. The right fixtures and finishes can provide instant relief and enjoyment.

Room Accessories

When it’s all said and done, it’s the styling of a space that is the icing on the cake!
The right accessories placed in the right location add colour, texture, shine and punch to a room and often are the elements that complete the design concept.
Art, pillows, throws, candles, vases, glassware, decorative fixtures, and furnishings are the pieces that personalize and individualize a room. This is the last element of a project and a final step in completing a space that reflects your taste.
time moneys

“Spending time and money on your home is an investment in you and your life.”

Let’s Meet ….

Good design should change someone’s life, improve it. It’s an expression of your sense of taste, made by stirring dreams with details to create an everlasting result. So let’s meet !